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May 2020 Minutes
Meeting was held on May 05, 2020
Minutes recorded by: Tammy Tucker
  • Zoom meeting
    William & Tammy Tucker
    Brian Alger
    Lee Ann Dean
    Lila Jones
Old Business
  • Covered last month's minutes
  • Continued discussion of a trip to Caverns of Sonora area.  The Cavern is closed right now, but the campground is open.  It was decided to revisit this discussion at the next grotto meeting.
New Business
  • NSS News (May) has an article about Ft. Stanton cave.  It's called "Discovery of Capitan Caverns".
  • Texas Highways has an article about Pumpking cave.  Colton Moore is pictured (Louise's son).
  • Lee Ann sent a video (through email) that might be good for an introduction to caving.
  • Lee Ann offered to homeschool Jace.
  • Tammy played a Facebook video of Derek Rice and his daughter testing for any claustrophobic tendencies.  She passed with flying colors.
Upcoming Trips
  • CRF Memorial Day trip to Carlsbad Caverns is Cancelled.
  • Restoration Field Camp to Carlsbad Caverns is "wait and see".  Scheduled for June 25-July 1.
Show & Tell
  • Happy Birthday to Ian!!
  • William gave a quick overview of use of the LAG Wiki.  Participants were able to see an entry and how to edit, etc. Also how to navigate within Wiki.
Next Meeting
  • June 2, 2020
  • 7:00 PM
  • Zoom meeting unless notified otherwise.  An email will be sent.


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