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November 2022 Minutes
Meeting was held on November 01, 2022
Minutes recorded by: Brian Alger
  • William & Tammy Tucker (Host)
  • Brian Alger
  • Michael White
Old Business
  • Covered last month's minutes
  • Still no word about the cave north of here.  Waiting on land owner.
New Business
  • The unnamed cave in Real County now has a name, Kylapaka Cave.  The survey is complete and the map is currently being drafted.  The cave length is 202.8 feet with a total depth of 36.5 feet.
Trip Reports
  • Brian gave a trip report of the survey trip to Kylapaka Cave.  Survey data was good and the map is being drafted.
  • Brian gave a trip report of the newbie trip to the high Guads.  Permits were acquired for Hidden and Black on Saturday, and Cottonwood on Sunday.  More time was spent in Hidden Cave than anticipated so Black cave was not entered.  Tim King had a blast and looks forward to future caving trips.  Hidden was Jace’s longest drop into a cave so far.
  • Tammy and William also gave a trip report for the High Guads trip.  The primary road used to get to fire tower has been gated and locked by the land owner.  Therefore, Cougar road is used to bypass their property.  The road was very rough and muddy.  The Xterra paid the price with a broken front sway bar link.
  • Tammy and William had the pleasure of meeting Orin Knox, one of the original cavers that helped in the development of Caverns of Sonora.
Show & Tell
  • Tammy gave a review of using a Petzl Pantin on her left foot while ascending on rope. This ascender helps to keep the climber vertically inline with the rope while frogging.  She highly recommends their use and this was backed by William.
    Next Meeting
    • December 6, 2022
    • 7:00 PM
    • Michael White's house.  We will elect new officers for next year and have an ice cream themed Christmas party.


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