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December 2019 Minutes
Meeting was held on December 03, 2019
Minutes recorded by: Tammy Tucker
  • William & Tammy Tucker (Host)
  • Lee Ann Dean
    Lila Jones
    Michael White
    Dan Dennison
    Ian Allison
Old Business
  • Covered last month's minutes
New Business
  • Ian was nominated for Tom Meddor award.  Waiting to hear.
  • Lechugilla has surpassed 150 miles.
  • Midnight Goat cave map is finished.  Jaime Moon invites feedback.
  • Let's invite cavers from other areas to the High Guads. (Specifically Jimmie W. and Kelly H.)
  • Dues will be discussed in January.  Also information on joining the Southwest Region and the NSS.
Trip Reports
  • Ian gave a trip report  regarding NCRC.  Now he’s the only Clovis, NM emt trained in cave rescue! (Got to count it as continuing education!)
  • William reported on Veteran’s Day CRF trip.  The park was very happy with our work.  The project is ongoing.
  • Cable camo trip report by Lee Ann Dean.  Noted that they posted signs with explanations rather than having a person do trail interp.  Found a possible resto site for the future (right before National Geo pit).
  • Caverns of Sonora trip report by Lee Ann Dean.  Guided tours on Friday.  Kevin took them to 3 caves on Saturday.  1.  A dig  2.  A drop in hole 20-40 feet (note that said 80 feet no go.)  3.  Brian and Jace went.  Has four walkable rooms.  Is a survey training opportunity.    Future trips in the works.  
    Has a blowing hole on the Llano River.  Woman in Roosevelt. Wants it explored.
    Cleaned out the coins from the Wishing Well.  Should be about $6,000 (will go to charity).
Upcoming Trips
  • February 15th - Presidents' Day weekend CRF trip to Carlsbad. William and Tammy trip leaders.
  • Cable Camouflage in Carlsbad Caverns January 18th and February 22nd.  Lee Ann Dean grotto contact.  Lois Manno trip leader.
  • Open trip to Caverns of Sonora.  Talk to Lee Ann.
Grotto Elections
  • Nominations and voting resulted in:
    Chairman - William Tucker
    Vice Chairman - Lee Ann Dean
    Secretary - Tammy Tucker
    Safety Officer - Ian Allison
    Treasurer - Brian Alger
Next Meeting
  • Jan 07, 2020
  • 7:00 PM
  • Lee Ann Dean
    *Also, February  4th Michael White will host


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