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May 2024 Minutes
Meeting was held on May 07, 2024
Minutes recorded by: Tammy Tucker
  • Lee Ann Dean (host)
    Robin Reynolds (host)
  • Mackenzie Hall
    Hunter Marze
    Joshua Mokry
    Tim Kohtz
    Michael White
    Matthew Plett
    William Tucker
    Tammy Tucker
    Ryan Marshall
Old Business
  • Covered last month's minutes
  • Vertical  training (William) was held on April 12th.  Attending were Mackenzie, Levi, and Joshua. It went well with more ascending than rappelling.
  • Mike Mansur speleothem repair.  If you want to sign up, talk to Ryan and Lee Ann to see what’s open.  Lee Ann will look up dates and send them to the list.
  • Lee Ann is looking into the dates for radon monitoring in the Carlsbad area caves.  She has/and will reach out to Hunter Klein regarding this.
  • Yeso (Ryan) last trip is this weekend (May 10th) at Ft. Stanton. Saturday is Ridgewalking.  Sunday is for survey. If want to go, contact Ryan. Tom Evans can teach you about rigging.
  • Progress on the Merus map? Brian is not here, so we'll get a report next time.
  • William is interested in contact info for rancher at McCullom Ranch.  Lee Ann will send it to Tammy.
New Business
  • Loaner gear:  3 helmets that we have were very useful.  Lee Ann has upgraded the knee and elbow pads to Rexchi brand.  A motion was made to buy 6 more pairs (outfits 3 more people) to loan. Motion passed.  Lee Ann will also start a sign up sheet for borrowing gear.
  • CRF has hosted a Memorial Day trip for many years, but housing is not available  and the Memorial Day trip will be postponed.  It will probably be scheduled for this summer.  Huts are being refurbished, but will not be used for housing for volunteers.  Quarters 56 is not quite ready.   William will send info to our LAG list when dates are decided.
  • Devra Heyer is in charge of bat counts at McKittrick Cave.   Contact Devra at NCKRI to help out.
  • Tim Kohtz is painting a mural for Caverns of Sonora.  Lee Ann gave Tim a lot of ranching photos for inspiration. There are 7 panels (4'X 6") that will be above the staircase, going around the wall.
  • Firetower vertical training:  William will contact the fire department to see if/when we can practice there.
Trip Reports
  • Newbie Trip (hosted by Michael) to Sand Cave. Encouraged people to write trip reports. Michael plans this to gets kids involved in caving each year.  Had 18 people at this trip. Most people met there on Friday. Levi and Joshua came in Saturday. Google maps gave them bad directions.  Some cars had to be parked and left behind after the 2nd cattleguard.  Brian led a trip Friday night to Sand.  Saturday morning Brian led another trip there.  Michael and Ryan went ridgewalking to find Boyds.  Turned out to be Dry Cave.  Looked for ABC cave.  Brian thought it might have been covered.  Michael found a blowing hole that might have been ABC cave.  Ryan, Joshua and Levi looked for Boyds and found it. Noted wildlife and then fresh graffiti (2024).  Ryan photographed it.  Camping was hard (windy).  Most left Saturday evening.  Michael led a trip Saturday night (Sand). Went to the upper entrance and some chimneyed out.  Others came out the another entrance.  Sunday Joshua and Ryan went to Skylight Cave.  Levi and Lee Ann picked up Cave Legs from Phyllis at Artesia.
  • Yeso:  Ryan reported on the regular monthly trip.  April 12-14 weekend. Dropped 2 pits. And then another pit with some leads.  On Sunday they went to a cave the other team had discovered ~140 feet (over several drops).  This weekend is a trip to Harrison Ranch.
Upcoming Trips
  • CRF restoration trip this summer.  Dates to be decided.  William and Tammy trip leaders.
  • Possibly trip to High Guads with LAG this summer.  Caves being considered:  Hell Below, Hidden, Pink Dragon, Black, Virgin.  Second Parallel.  William trip leader.
  • Lee Ann noted that Sandia Grotto is interested in a joint trip with LAG.
  • Yeso trip is this weekend (May 10th).  Contact Ryan Marshall for information.
  • Presentation:  Michael White, CCWN officer, gave information regarding  most updated white nose protocol.  Decontamination included:  don’t use any shoes or clothing that has been in a white nose confirmed cave.  Immerse in 131 degree water for 10 minutes.  Bleach (ratio 1:10)  Lysol spray or wipes.  A fact sheet with details was passed around.
  • Future presentations:  Joshua will give a talk on caves and photography.  William will give a talk on beginner knots to know.
Next Meeting
  • June 4, 2024
  • 7:00 PM
  • Brian Alger


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