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November 2017 Minutes
Meeting was held on November 07, 2017
Minutes recorded by: Tammy Tucker
  • Michael White (Host)
  • William & Tammy Tucker
    Ian Allison
    Sawyer Key
    Michael Allen
Old Business
  • Covered last month's minutes
New Business
  • William gave recommendations to newbies on getting gear.  Advised to keep tents low.
  • LAG Christmas party was scheduled for December 2nd (Saturday) and will be the December meeting (instead of December 5th).  It will be at William & Tammy's house [9910 County Road 1300, Wolfforth] at 6:00 p.m.  and will be a potluck.  More info regarding food on the LAG list.  Gifts will be exchanged by drawing numbers.  Bring a $15ish camping/caving related gift if you wish to participate.
  • Grotto elections will be held at the Christmas party on December 2nd.  Must be a member of NSS to be Chairman, Vice-chairman, treasurer, or secretary.
Trip Reports
  • Ian Allison gave a trip report on LIttle Manhole.  Was very wet.  Went with others from the Pecos Valley Grotto.  Pictures to come.  It was quite tight at the entrance (had to take backpack off, camera hung below, couldn't turn sideways).  Saw parts of an old ladder in the cave.
  • Sawyer Key gave a trip report for Hidden, Cottonwood trip.  Michael Allen noted that cell service was pretty good in Hidden.
Upcoming Trips
  • Trying to put another trip together possibly for December of January.  Interested in one that would accomodate new newbies.  Possibly Chimney, Virgin, Selenite Moon, Cottonwood, Lost, Sand.  Strongly considering the last weekend in January (not the 20th).
Grotto Elections
  • Elections will be held at the next meeting (Christmas party) on December 2nd.
Next Meeting
  • December 2, 2017
  • 6:00 PM
  • William & Tammy Tucker's house
    potluck (host will provide the main dish)


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